Don’t Jump The Gun Yet, But A New Wild Arms Might Be Possible



While we haven’t seen a Wild Arms game since Wild Arms XF for PSP back in 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment producer Kentaro Motomura recently spoke with Famitsu in this week’s issue of the magazine about the possibility of seeing a new game in the series, according to a report at Game Jouhou.


The discussion comes from the weekly magazine’s special corner, where fans get to choose which sequels or remakes they’d like to see, where Motomura shares a few thoughts on the fan demand. (Wild Arms 3 from the PS2 pictured above.)


While details on what he said remains scant, we’ll likely be hearing more later this week once the magazine gets published.


Also worth noting that Wild Arms developers, Media.Vision, have been working on mobile titles as of late, such as Chaos Rings. Right now, they are also involved in the development of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, which is headed to PlayStation Vita sometime in 2015.

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