Nintendo 3DS

Don’t Just Fight Giant Monsters, Become One In Gaist Crusher


In Capcom’s newest action game, Gaist Crusher, you fight mechanical monsters called Gaists by using equipment called Gaist Gear. There are over 100 different Gaist Gear. Capcom previously revealed that Gaist Gear can transform into armor and weapons, but they’ve now revealed the Extreme Form.


In the Extreme Form, you transform into a Gaist wielding tremendous power. To use this form, you must first build up your Extreme Form Gauge.


In these screenshots, you get to see the main character, Rekka, transform into a Gaist to fight the giant Onmyou Yatagarasu.



Here are some other Gaists that you can transform into:


Arc Phoenix


Hurricane Djinn


Magical Cait Sith


Gaia Orochi

015 (2)


Wind Garuda


Maximum Tauros

Capcom has also revealed a new Gaist, the Bloody Ogre. It is a giant earth-type Gaist and a manifestation of anger.


In this game, you play as the Gaist Crusher Garrison, who must protect Steel City from Gaists. However, behind the Gaist attacks, there is a mysterious man named Cipher pulling the strings. He repeatedly appears before the GCG and may be part of an organization.


Gaist Crusher is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo 3DS this winter.