Don’t Open The Doors Is A Cute Claymation Adventure

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Don’t Open the Doors takes players to a handmade clay world, offering them dungeons, forests, and plains to explore that were all painstakingly made with plasticine.




Trouble found its way to this land through mysterious doors that began to appear all over the place. These doors have been making the populace act a little cannibalistic, and as such, the player has to set out to blow up the main super door to save the world.


The players has a few tools to face the clay menaces that will try to stop them. They have a hammer, which can be used on enemies or the environments, letting them mash monsters or cut new paths for themselves. Players will also have a popcorn gun that can be loaded with corn, and can use items or create them by crafting with items they find.




Players will also meet other characters and objects that will want to talk instead of fight, letting them get to know their fellow doughy people. These people are scattered all across the game’s open world, and some of them may offer help for free or for money/quests.


Don’t Open the Doors is available now on Steam, and will be coming to the Humble Store soon.

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