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Don’t Starve: Giant Edition Is Coming To Wii U This Spring



Finally, after winning over the PC and PlayStation crowds, Klei Entertainment is bringing its wilderness survival game Don’t Starve to Wii U this spring. The news was announced as part of Nintendo’s indie line up at GDC.


Not only is it on its way to Wii U, but it’s the Giant Edition, which means it comes with the Reign of Giants DLC. It also has a Wii U-specific companion map that shows up on the Wii U GamePad.


If you’re not familiar, Don’t Starve has you playing as Wilson, a “Gentleman Scientist” who is cast into a mysterious wilderness world by a demon. You have to help him survive by foraging, hunting, and crafting items from those you can find in the procedurally generated environment.


It’s the kind of game in which you’re going to die … a lot. But, with each death you should learn something new, meaning you can get further and further each time. You’ll learn how to cope with the seasons, hunger, failing sanity, and the monsters that stalk Wilson.


There are also unlockable characters to pursue that bring with them strange new powers, so it’s worth pressing on. You can find out more about Don’t Starve on its website.

Chris Priestman