Doom 2 Mod Unloved Given A Modern Facelift For Full Steam Release



Unloved, the 2010 Doom 2 mod that was inspired by Silent Hill 2, has been rebuilt using the Unreal Engine 4, letting players experience a darker, more gruesome version of the developer’s visions for the fast-paced shooter.




With its recent full release on Steam, Unloved will have players working their way through a series of procedurally-generated basements and surreal places, alone or with up to four players in co-op. By completing objectives in these areas, players will steadily find their way to the exits. Assuming they can survive the onslaught of fast, fleshy beasts and demonic monsters, that is.




Players can choose to customize the look of their players, but can also outfit them with useful magic items that increase health, damage, and speed, or have other useful capabilities. Weapon mods can also be found that have dramatic effects on how each firearm performs.


If the player doesn’t quite feel challenged enough, the game also offers several different modes that make ammo more scarce, increase monster speed, or make other changes to the gameplay.

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