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Brace Yourself for DOOM Eternal Update 1’s Empowered Demons

doom eternal update 1

Update: It’s worth mentioning that for PC users, this update also installs Denuvo Anti-Cheat, which is now required for DOOM Eternal multiplayer. This is controversial software due to its kernal-mode driver, and the patch notes (linked below) do include information on the software and instructions for uninstalling it upfront.

The first major update for DOOM Eternal has been released, which is affectionately titled “DOOM Eternal Update 1.” Fancy update titling aside, Bethesda and id Software’s massive shooter sequel got a lot of new content ranging from new features, to bug fixes (and an updated known issues log, natch). Adjustments have been made on a per platform basis, meaning that some adjustments have been made to just the PC version and some for just consoles. Among the update’s super long patch notes list is a bundle of new features, including some online disruption to the single-player campaign.

The first big feature addition is Empowered Demons. This is something you can toggle, but basically it’s an extra challenge that connects players together. If you die, the demon that killed you gets powered up and sent down the internet tubes to another player. If the other player beats it, they’re get a buttload of ammo and and XP for events.

Speaking of XP, the next new feature is Echelon leveling. It’s basically a prestige system, that resets your DOOM level to one once you hit 250, and adds an extra visual to your ranking. And while you’re playing online to get those Echelon levels, you can also now add friends to a separate favorites list.

Among the updates that aren’t new features, various quality of life changes have been implemented, with a notable emphasis on how the DOOM Slayer is affected by water. A lot of balance changes have come to the online mode as well, including an adjustment to the Marauder for both PC and Consoles.

DOOM Eternal is currently available for the PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. It’s coming to the Nintendo Switch eventually, but doesn’t have a release date or window at this time.

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