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DORUmon Mans Up In Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode’s New Episode


One of the two new scenarios in the new Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode is Lament of the X-Antibody. In this scenario, a virus called the X-Program makes its home in Infinity Mountain and the protagonists and the surviving Digimon have to fight together against the virus.


The X-Program existed deep beneath Infinity Mountain inside an ancient Memorial Stella, but it eventually leaked out into the town and began attacking and erasing some of the Digimon there. Omegamon X and Dukemon X arrive at Infinity Mountain to try to discover Yggdrasil’s true intentions.


Yggdrasil is the host computer in charge of all that happens in the Digital World. Usually formless, Yggdrasil created a physical form for itself. This form can control crystal fragments as well as regenerate itself, although most of its powers are still unknown.


Plotmon and DORUmon are just two of the Digimon dragged into the events. Plotmon is a child Holy Digimon, but because of how young she is, she doesn’t realize her powers. She’s good friends with DORUmon and so she drags DORUmon, who’s a bit of a coward, out to stop the strange happenings in Infinity Mountain. She awakens her X Antibody fairly early, transforming her into Plotmon X.


DORUmon, despite being bigger than his friend, often relies on Plotmon X’s bravery. Because of the old interface on his forehead, he’s surmised to be one of the experimental Prototype Digimon from before Digimon were discovered. After Yggdrasil activated, he starts regaining memories of his past in the form of nightmares.


On their journey, Plotmon is injured by an enemy Digimon. In response, DORUmon mans up and suddenly evolves into DORUgamon. However, the enemy is still too strong for him, and so, out of desperation, he tries to awaken the power inside him. Unfortunately, this causes him to lose control. (The second picture shown below is DORUgremon, DORUmon’s third form. We can guess what happens next…)


After the X Program is released, the player will be able to raise X-Antibody Digimon through Xvolution. In Digimon World, every Digimon has areas where it does better or worse in, so when normal Digimon start doing worse in Infinity Mountain, X-Antibody Digimon are suggested because they do better there.


Other Digimon that appear during this scenario are Rosemon X and Alphamon.


There will also be an animated movie included in this scenario.