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Double Dragon IV Goes Over The Art Of Sōsetsuken




Arc System Works has updated the Double Dragon IV website to go over some of the Art of Sōsetsuken moves Billy and Jimmy will be using in the PlayStation 4 and PC game. While many of the basic moves may seem familiar, with their punches, kicks, grabs, uppercuts, and roundhouse kicks, the techniques being added may offer something new.


Here’s a list of the new techniques Billy and Jimmy will use in Double Dragon IV, along with their official descriptions.

    • Axe Kick: (Jimmy only finishing move) This move damages an enemy via a sweeping leg kick. A swinging leg attack that strikes with a downward heel.
    • Back Elbow: Attack an enemy behind you. This is useful when you find yourself surrounded and being attacked from behind.
    • Cyclone Kick: This technique is commonly known as the Rotating Whirlwind Kick and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a Sōsetsuken technique that conjures the spinning image of a raging dragon god. It is frequently used when facing many foes because it has the power to sweep away everything in the vicinity.
    • Headbutt: Although this move has a small hit range, it is useful for countering an enemy’s jump attack.
    • High Jump Kick: This is the most destructive Sōsetsuken technique. It is used to finish off enemies with a single blow.The ferocity of the High Jump Kick makes you more vulnerable to enemy attacks directly after executing the move. However, the Cyclone Kick and Hyper Uppercut are not as powerful as the High Jump Kick and can be used safe in the knowledge that they do not leave you exposed afterwards.
    • Hyper Uppercut: This is a rapid technique that summons the power of a heavenly dragon. It can catch an enemy off guard and is often used when battling a large foe.
    • Jump Elbow: (Billy only finishing move) Unleash an elbow attack while jumping to knock an enemy to the floor.
    • Raging Counter: Raging Counter renders you immune to damage from certain attacks for a small period of time. It activates if you perform a headbutt, spin kick, back elbow, hyper uppercut, or high jump kick while getting up off the ground.
    • Spin Kick: Attack and close the distance on an enemy at the same time. Depending on the distance to the enemy, it is possible to takedown an enemy in one go with this move.
    • Spinning Headbutt: This is an extension of the headbutt attack. It is an extremely powerful attack where you rotate and smash into an enemy.



Double Dragon IV will come to the PlayStation 4 and PC on January 30, 2017.

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