Double Turn Offers Four Player Arcade Wrestling Mayhem


    Two to four players can fight it out in arcade-style wrestling matches in Double Turn, a game of channeling the desire to throw one’s friends through tables and hit them with steel chairs.


    In Double Turn, players will fight it out using acrobatic wrestling moves, damaging items in the environment, and their own character’s signature move to down their opponent for a three-count. Each player has access to punches, elbows, and blocks, but also an array of classic wrestling moves like flying moonsaults they can use against their opponents to knock them out.

    Players may feel a need to use their most powerful moves to win fights early, but players won’t have access to those at the beginning of the match. To use them, players will need to build Heat, which is acquired based on the crowd’s response to their character. Whether they love or hate the player, Heat will build up so long as the crowd is reacting to the player in some way, so players will want to push for that emotional reaction from the crowd as they beat their opponents down.


    Double Turn will let players fight in two-to-four player matches locally, or one-on-one matches online. Players can also play solo in Battle Royal modes that task them with surviving waves of fighters, a Gauntlet mode of back-to-back matches, or a World Tour mode where the player works through their wrestling career (which will be coming soon).

    Double Turn is available now on Steam Early Access.

    Alistair Wong
    Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!

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