Dragalia Lost Brings Back Kindness And Captivity And Introduces An Obsessed Rabbit Girl And Rowdy Rebel


b9e5331ae5c99de6a43c238a60cba254 The next Dragalia Lost events have been revealed, and there are both new and old experiences to enjoy. The new item is a Summon Showcase called Madcap Misfits, which adds two new Adventurers and one Dragon. As for the event, the Kindness and Captivity Raid will return, giving people a chance to befriend Melsa again.


In Kindness and Captivity, players aid a Sylvian named Melsa. Her village’s dragon, Sylvia, has been captured, and it is up to Euden and his friends to face off against the raid boss, Hypnos, to save the day. If you build up Melsa’s friendship, the four-star, fire-element dagger-user will permanently join your party.


The new Madcap Misfits Summon Showcase features characters who could prove helpful during this event. The new four-star Adventurer is Yuya, who looks like a traditional Japanese bancho, complete with pompadour. He also is a fire-element dagger-user. Chelsea, the fire-element archer, is the five-star unit. She’s also quite familiar with Luca, the light-attuned archer who joins Euden’s party during the story, and is obsessively in love with him. Finally, the new Dragon is the five-star Kagutsuchi.


Here is the trailer for the Dragalia Lost Madcap Misfits Summon Showcase.



Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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