Dragalia Lost Changes Directors; Upcoming Events & Features Detailed

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This week, it was announced that Dragalia Lost’s director Hiroki Matsuura would be stepping down, with Yuji Okada from BlazeGames taking over the position. Additionally, Okada has detailed upcoming events as well as incoming updates.


Here’s the message from Matsuura below:

Hello, everyone! This is Matsuura, director of Dragalia Lost.

As of now, I’ll be handing the title of director over to Mr. Okada.

I’ve been responsible for Dragalia Lost from planning up through development, and then through its first 10 months after release. It’s thanks to all of you who play the game that we’ve come as far as we have. I am deeply grateful to all of you for playing.

It is a bit sad to be leaving the project, but Mr. Okada has a wealth of experience developing and managing games—including social games. He assisted in the final stages of development for Dragalia Lost, so I have no worries about leaving this game in his hands.

I believe that Mr. Okada’s fresh perspective will allow him to expand the game, both in terms of story as well as game systems. I’m as excited as anyone to see where he takes it!

Dragalia Lost is only going to keep getting bigger, so I hope you’ll continue to support the game.


Hiroki Matsuura


Meanwhile, new director Yuji Okada had this to say:

Hello! I’m Yuji Okada from BlazeGames, and Cygames has invited me to take over as director for Dragalia Lost. I’ve been involved with the game since before its release, but now I’ll be taking the reins from Mr. Matsuura.

I want to continue creating for and managing it in a way that brings even more joy to you, the players, so I hope for your continued support.

My first What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost will be posted for you all to read soon, so be sure to check it out!

Yuji Okada


dragalia event 1

As for upcoming events, they include free summons on Saturday and Sunday during the month of July. Additionally, a new ‘Flames of Reflection’ event, featuring flame-attuned characters and focusing on Ramona the blacksmith and her sisters, begins on July 11, 2019.


dragalia event 2

The next story chapter will also be updated next week on July 15, 2019. It features the third heir, Chelle. There will also be an Advanced Dragon Trial added in July.


Augments & Astral Raids

astral raids

Dragalia Lost is getting a new event with Astral Raids, which begins July 20, and features raid bosses on weekends. Fighting bosses will use astral pieces, which can be earned on weekdays. Each week, a different boss will be featured.

Aside from Astral Raids, a new feature with Augments is being added, which becomes available after Chapter 9 of the story campaign. Using specific items, you can upgrade adventurers, weapons, wymprints, and dragons up to +50 HP and Strength each.



dragalia update

The new Alliances feature is essentially a chat room where you can communicate with alliance members using messages and stickers. Co-op rooms can also be created, so that recruiting for co-op within alliances will become significantly easier.


Finally, a thank-you gift will be given out to all players:

  • Wyrmite x500
  • Gold crystal x100
  • Gold whetstone x100
  • Consecrated water x200
  • Succulent dragonfruit x100


As an aside, Nintendo has released a video that recaps the first six story chapters, which you can find below:



Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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