Dragalia Lost Details Battling, Growth, And Summoning

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The Dragalia Lost Nintendo Direct was livestreamed earlier today, bringing new information on the controls, how you can get stronger, summon new allies, as well as multiplayer.



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The game is an action RPG where you create a party of four adventurers, and go through various maps to eventually fight and form a pact with dragons. Controls are simple: Slide to move, and tap to attack. Sometimes, enemies will show a range of where they will attack, and it’s best to roll out of the way by swiping the screen. There are also various skills that build up as you continue to fight, such as the protagonist’s ‘Blazing Circlet’.


You can tap the character portrait to switch control over to one of your allies if you wish to control their actions with greater precision. These various strategies are key to taking down the bosses, which attack quickly, and have a rage meter that builds up and increases its attack when full. However, by attacking it while its in the empowered Overdrive mode and depleting the gauge, you can cause the Break state which gives you an opening to attack.


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However, the bosses and enemies are no pushover – and you’ll want to consider using the Shapeshifting ability pact bearers and their companions have, in order to transform into a Dragon. By collecting crystals from defeating monsters and Dragon Obelisks, you can charge up a gauge that can unleash your Shapshifted form anytime after its at least half full. However, you’ll have to earn the various Dragons’ respect in battle in order to form a pact.



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Each of the allies has their own reason to adventure, but once they join you, they will be allies for life. The units are built for various roles in battle, such as attack, defense, support, and healing. Players should also consider the predicted elements for the upcoming map, as each of them has an element associated with them and should be swapped in and out accordingly. Their weapons also play a part in differentiating them.


Here is a look at some of the companions that may join you:

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There are four ways to get stronger in Dragalia Lost: by leveling up, getting new weapons, the Mana Circle, and The Halidom. Leveling up is straightforward – just gain experience points in battle.


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By completing quests, you can gain better weapons that you can equip to increase your strength. Each weapon has its own playstyle, and you can also increase the levels of the weapons as well.


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Each adventurer also has a mana circle that can be used to upgrade stats and abilities, similar to a growth tree where you need to activate various nodes.


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Finally, The Halidom is a kingdom-building element in Dragalia Lost where players can create their own camp, with mines for gold, and altars built to enhance abilities.



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Summoning in Dragalia Lost can get you new characters, dragons, and wyrmprints. Summoned characters come in various star rarities that also denote their rarity and strength. Duplicates of characters instead give you Eldwater that can be used to increase the star rarity of units.


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Summoning dragons gets you new dragons to form a pact with and transform into, apart from the ones related to the main story.


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Wyrmprints are something like memories of the world, and are something of amulet that can be enhanced to increase your adventurers’ strength and abilities.


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Summoning is done using two currencies, Wyrmite and Diamantium. While Wyrmite is received via event rewards, login bonuses, and more, Diamantium is purchased within the game via microtransactions.



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You can play with up to three other friends together, by opening or joining rooms. Every quest in the game has a co-op version, and you can communicate via stamps. The Direct also teases Raid Battles that are planned as future multiplayer events.


Check out the full Direct below:


Dragalia Lost will launch for iOS and Android starting September 27, 2018 in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

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