Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Event Has A Banner With 5-Star Marth, Fjorm, And Veronica




The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem event has begun, and that means new banners revealing exactly who people might be able to bring to their party. While there is no crossover dragon, this is the first banner with more than one focus five-star adventurer. People have a chance of getting Fjorm, Marth, and Veronica from the gacha. There is a standard banner, as well as a single-time Platinum Showcase where someone can use 1,200 diamantium, the real cash currency, to perform a ten-pull summon that will have one guaranteed five-star unit in it.


The official website offered details going over what every character is capable of. Fjorm is a water-element lance-wielder. Her skills are Frigid Smash and Ice Mirror, her co-ability is HP+15%, and her abilities are Burn Res +100%, Last Bravery II, and Skill Prep +100%. Marth is a fire-element sword-wielder. His skills are Fire Emblem and Flickering Flames, his co-ability is Dragon Haste +15%, and his abilities are Flurry Devastation +13%, Last Boost II, and Stun Res +100%. Veronica is a dark-element wand-wielder. Her skills are Gespenst and Nosferatu, her co-ability is Skill Damage +15%, and her abilities are Last Destruction II, Paralysis Res +100%, and Skill Prep +100%.


As for Alfonse, now that he’s here we can see what he’s capable of too. He is a light-element sword-wielder. His skills are Blue Radiance and Sol, his co-ability is Dragon Haste +15%, and his abilities are Curse Res 100%, Last Burst II, and Skill Haste +8%. (Curse Res is especially amusing, given the events of Fire Emblem Heroes‘ third book.) It is also important to note that, even though Alfonse is the first free five-star unit, his abilities and skills are not any less helpful or powerful than the ones of characters acquired through the gacha.


As a reminder, a five-star Alfonse is free for all players. They just need to pass the second episode of the Fire Emblem Lost Heroes event story to unlock him, then go through quests with him in their party to unlock him as a permanent playable character. His sword, Folkvangr, is a free five-star weapon begin given away as a reward for logging in for the first time after the event starts. (This login event also gives away free wyrmite.)


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Fire Emblem Lost Heroes event will run until May 14, 2019.

Jenni Lada
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