Dragalia Lost New Year’s Event And Eastern Emissaries Banner Appear

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A new event and banner have appeared in Dragalia Lost just ahead of 2019’s end. People can now participate in the New Year’s Tidings: Fortune From Afar Raid and pull from the Eastern Emissaries banner. In addition, New Year’s Party Packs are being sold for real cash.


The Dragalia Lost New Year’s event is similar to past Raid events. There are a number of exclusive quests. Completing these (or any quests) with the new event Adventurer Botan on your team will earn you friendship points. If you acquire 500, Botan will remain with you even after the event. She is a five-star, dark-type spear user, and all of the event battles involve facing light-element teams. Also, participating in the event will give you the chance to earn the First Light, First Omens four-star Wyrmprint or Shishimai five-star, light-type dragon. This event will end on January 9, 2019.


The Eastern Emissaries banner focuses on dark-type units. The featured Adventurer is the fve-star, dark-type katana user Ieyasu, and there is also the five-star dark-type dragon named Marishiten. The other two new adventurers are Sazanka, a four-star, dark-type axe user, and Addis, a four-star, wind-type katana user. Multiple Wyrmprints have been added, and they are the five-star Happy New Year, five-star Heralds of Hinomoto, four-star Hanetsuki Rally, and three-star Rhyse Alberial. It will be available until January 9, 2019.


Finally, limited-tyme New Year’s Party Packs are being sold until January 14, 2019. There are five packs, each containing things like Diamantium, Mana, Rupies, Gold Crystals, Gold Whetstones, Consecrated Water, Succulent Dragonfruit, a five-star Summon Voucher, Champion’s Testaments, and oter upgrade items. One of the most notable is a Lucky Hanetsuki Paddle Pack, which includes 1,500  Diamantium, 30 Gold Whetstones, and the Lucky Hanetsuki Paddle sword, a five-star weapon that is a hagoita paddle with Euden and Notte on it.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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