Dragalia Lost Resplendent Refrain Raid Event Begins


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Dragalia Lost Raid Event has begun. This means people can go through the story to acquire Elias and raise his friendship to recruit him, collect Blazons to summon the dragon Maritimus, pull units from the new An Enchanting Ensemble banner, and listen to three new songs. The Dragalia Lost Resplendent Refrain event and An Enchanting Ensemble banner will be available until December 11, 2018,


The raid portion of the event proceeds similarly to past ones. The solo boss fight is against the Manticore, while the Raid Battle is against Sabnock. You must fight with Elias in your party to boost his friendship and get him to stick around after event. However, this time you must reach and complete Episode 5: Consumed by Passion in the story to acquire the Resplendent Refrain unit so you can add him to his party and begin working toward earning him. Elias is a four-star light-element archer. Maritimus is the five-star dark element dragon earned from getting Blazons during quests for the Blazon Summon section.


Other characters from the Dragalia Lost Resplendent Refrain story are earned by pulling on the An Enchanting Ensemble banner. (As usual, everyone has a free tenfold summon waiting in their boxes, to celebrate the start of the event.) Lucretia is the five-star, light element adventurer who wields a wand, Cupid is the five-star light element dragon, and Resounding Rendition and Heavenly Holiday  are the five-star Wyrmprints. Other focus adventurers include the four-star, light element Vixel, who wields a staff, and the spear-carrying Pia, who is a four-star, wind element unit. There are also four-star Kicking Back and three-star Secret Friend Wyrmprints.


Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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