Dragalia Lost Story Trailer Introduces Its Protagonist, Zethia, Notte, Elisanne, And The Others

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Nintendo shared a new story trailer for its upcoming smartphone RPG Dragalia Lost by Cygames. The trailer introduces its main characters with a look into its setting and story.


The trailer shows its protagonist, Zethia,Notte, Elisanne, Ranzal, Cleo, Luca, and other key characters we’ll meet in its story.


Here’s a summary of the story:

“O great dragon of the forest! If you can hear my voice, then heed my call. Grant me the Pactstone’s power!”

Alberia… A kingdom where dragons rule over nature. The Alberian royal family possesses the power of shapeshifting. By forming a pact with a dragon, they can borrow its form and wield its immense strength.

One day, the kingdom is met with a strange and most troubling occurrence. The power of the Sacred Shard that protects the city begins to weaken. In order to protect his people, the seventh prince of Alberia, not yet pactbound with a dragon, sets out on what’s known as the Dragon Choosing.

While he seeks a dragon to form a pact with, he’ll meet new companions—including a mysterious girl from another time—and face a sudden and inexplicable change in his own father, the king.

Such are the chronicles of the bonds and battles that await the Dragonblood Prince.


Dragalia Lost launches for iOS and Android starting September 27, 2018 in the U.S., Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. Check out its English announcement trailer here, and more details on its battles, growth, and summoning in our previous report.

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