Dragalia Lost’s New Summon Showcase With Summer Cleo, Verica, Pop-Star Siren Starts August 13

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Dragalia Lost is getting its next Summon Showcase, A Crescendo of Courage, featuring Summer Cleo and Summer Verica as the featured adventurers, and Pop-Star Siren as the featured dragon.


The new Summon Showcase starts on August 13 (August 12 at 11:00pm PT) and ends August 22, 2019.



Here’s a closer look at the featured characters:


Summer Cleo

Lv: 80 (Support Unit)

HP: 808

Strength: 469

Might: 2517


Even the Halidom’s most capable retainer has
taken to the beach, and, armed with an umbrella
and clad in a lovely swimsuit, she’s as sweet as
any summer flower—though she hasn’t fully
warmed to her new attire.


Summer Verica

Lv: 80 (Healing Unit)

HP: 804

Strength: 470

Might: 2514


Verica has donned a swimsuit and stepped out
onto the beach, and her presence is like a cool
breeze on the sun-soaked landscape. The eyes
of others tend to find their way to her, and if you
aren’t careful, she might just capture your heart.


Pop-Star Siren

Lv: 100

HP: 371

Strength: 124

Might: 995


The singing dragon is finally able to stand
on the stage of her dreams—and with an almost
frighteningly beautiful voice, she aims to bring
joy to everyone. Her outfit was made by her
friends, making her an icon of dragalia.


You can learn more about their skills and abilities here.


Dragalia Lost is available for iOS and Android. The game’s “A Splash of Adventure” Summon Showcase and raid event is still going on until August 14, check out more on that in our previous report.

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