Dragomon Hunter’s Combat And Skills Systems Outlined In New Video


Aeria Games has released a developer interview video that goes into more details about the upcoming MMO action-RPG Dragomon Hunter.


It’s revealed that in order to effectively battle the various beasts in Dragomon Hunter you’ll need to observe them closely. Only then will you know which weapons and traps to use against it – the video shows one hunter placing a large piece of fruit on the ground as bait, for example.


Aeria also says that it wants Dragonmon Hunter to have better visual feedback than its previous games when it comes to fighting Dragomon. This also includes having your weapon bounce off a struck beast if it is not powerful enough. Also, while Aeria didn’t outline how exactly you’d tame creatures in order to use them as mounts, it did say that any Dragomon (of which there are over 100) that flies, swims, or runs can be captured.


Finally, Dragomon Hunter’s skill system was explained. Each skill has three masteries that you can invest points into to strengthen the skill itself, or to activate additional effects such as stunning enemies. It’ll also be made easy and completely free to reset your skill and stat points so that you can try a variety of hunting styles without penalty.

Chris Priestman