Dragon Ball FighterZ To Release In North America And Europe On January 26, 2018

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Fresh off the announcement of a “FighterZ Pass” season pass for the upcoming fighter, Bandai Namco announced a January 26 release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ in North America and Europe.


Here are details about the game from Bandai Namco:

Fights are all about strategy. And fights in Dragon Ball FighterZ are becoming more and more strategical with the arrival of the two new heavyweight fighters, Nappa and Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu is quite powerful as players can exchange him with their opponent character until the end of the fight. Nappa is a heavy type character using the Saibamen to attack the enemy. Using the Saibamen in a good way could help a lot to gain time to charge energy or prepare a combo.


Story Mode will also surprise and delight all the fans with the LINK System allowing them to embody different characters, share their minds and even discuss with them while they live in the same body! Surprises are not finished yet. Composed of 3 different parts, the story mode will allow players to experience 3 different perspectives each offering different details and secrets about the whole story. Players will first play the Super Warriors Arc in the perspective of the Saiyans, then the Super Villain Arc in the perspective of the enemies and finally the Android Arc in the perspective of the Androids. By taking part in different fighting combinations included in these 3 chapters, players will be able to level up their characters and get a full understanding of the amazing Dragon Ball FighterZ scenario! The story mode map will also surprise everyone by becoming a new place for a tactical move as players will have different options for their next destination. This strategical choice will have an impact on fighting abilities in future fights!


Last but not least, more details about the online mode are also revealed! The online mode with interconnected match-making will be the perfect place to test players’ skills. In the Circle Match mode, up to 8 players can enter into the room to fight against each other where up to 4 fights can happen at the same time. The World Match mode will allow players to choose between a casual and a ranked match.


Additionally, we got info on different digital versions of the game. First is the FighterZ Edition that will go for $94.99. It features the game and the FighterZ Pass with eight new characters. The Ultimate Edition will go for $109.99 and it features everything in the FighterZ Edition plus an Anime Music Pack with 11 songs from the anime and a commentator pack.


Those who pre-order the digital version of Dragon Ball FighterZ will get early access to its open beta, early unlocks for SSGSS Goku and SSGSS Vegeta, as well as a Girls Stamp Pack featuring Android 21, Android 18, and Bulma.


For those of you going for a physical version can go for the collector’s edition that’ll go for $139.99. It comes with the game, a special box, exclusive steel book casing, a 7-inch Goku statue, and three art boards.


Dragon Ball FighterZ releases in North America and Europe on January 26, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’ll arrive in Japan a little later on February 1.

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