Dragon Ball Fusions Will Let You Fuse Your Entire Party For An Ultimate Attack

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Bandai Namco released a new trailer for their upcoming Nintendo 3DS RPG, Dragon Ball Fusions, that shows us how the game is played with a look at highlights on the battle system.



The video starts out with a look at some of the basics such as exploration, recruiting friends, and the main attraction of the game with the Fusion system that will allow you to fuse just about any character.


In Fusion World, you’ll encounter all kinds of enemies. The characters attack in the order of a “Timeline,” with characters closest to the right being the next in line to attack.


The battle itself is quite simple with three main commands. The basic attacks are split between Fight and Energy Ball options. Fight is a close-ranged melee attack with high power while Energy Ball uses Ki and will allow you to pull off multiple attacks depending on its type. The third option is Special Attack, which is the most powerful one for dealing damage.


There are other options such as “Charge Ki” and “Check Power,” that you can use during battles. You’ll need to strategize in combat by using a mix of options according to the situation.


Another thing worth keeping in mind is that there’s a character triangle with each character fitting under a category of Power, Technique, and Speed. Power beats Technique, Technique bests Speed, and Speed takes out Power. That said, you’ll need to keep the character types in mind while attacking and making parties.


The “Ring Out” feature is another key to victory, as it is used to blow enemies away and send them further to the left in the Timeline order. If used properly, you can keep certain enemies from attacking by keeping them pushed back. This will also come in handy when you want to pull off Support Attacks, which you can activate with multiple characters just by having their turn orders next to each other in the Timeline. The more characters there are for Support Attacks, the more damage you’ll deal.


Special Attacks also come in different categories. The “Fight-type” Special Attacks deal more damage than the basic version and blows enemies away. The “Energy Ball-Type” Special Attacks aren’t as strong as the Fight-type counterparts, but they can hit multiple enemies at once. The “Support-type” Special Attacks have various effects such as healing abilities and buffs.


Last but not least, the “Maxi Gauge” feature allows you to choose between the two of “All-Out Attack” and “Maxi-Fusion.” All-Out Attacks start an action battle mode where you can perform attacks in action battle style by pressing A and X for physical and energy attacks, Y and B for guarding and evading. If things go well, you can recruit enemies hit with All-Out Attacks.Maxi-Fusion is an ultimate attack that allows you to fuse together with your entire party to deal devastating damage on the enemies.


Dragon Ball Fusions will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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