Dragon Ball ‘Gigantic’ Series Bulma Figure is Over a Foot Tall

Dragon Ball ‘Gigantic Series’ Bulma Figure is Over a Foot Tall

A new Dragon Ball Bulma figure is on the way, and this one is part of the Plex “Gigantic” series of merchandise. This means she’ll be a bit on the larger side. Specifically, she’ll stand at 38 centimeters, which is just under 15 inches, tall. She’ll head to Japan in March 2023.

Here’s the official Premium Bandai announcement showing her off. She costs 18,700円 (~$127). Pre-orders for her are only open on the Japanese version of the site as of November 4, 2022.

Here’s a photo showing a person holding Bulma. It’s designed to offer more context, so someone can see exactly how large she will be.
Dragon Ball ‘Gigantic Series’ Bulma Figure is Over a foot Tall

And this is how the figure will look from different angles. She is wearing the same outfit she does in the original Dragon Ball manga and anime adaptation.

While there’s no confirmation as to whether this figure will be easily accessible abroad, figures and models inspired by the series often appear worldwide. For example, Bandai Namco sells them through Premium Bandai. There are also exclusive variants at events outside Japan, like SDCC 2022.

The Dragon Ball Gigantic Bulma figure will appear in Japan in March 2023. Pre-orders are open through Premium Bandai now. There’s no worldwide release confirmation for it yet.

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