Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission Has StreetPass Powered Spirit Bombs



Players can gather energy through others via StreetPass to charge up an ultimate Spirit Bomb in Bandai Namco’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS title, Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission.


The basic way of gathering energy is by playing the roulette mini game that gives players small amounts of energy.


2013-01-22_204327 2013-01-22_204317 2013-01-22_204303

There’s also a bonus for landing on the same image three times.


2013-01-22_213337 2013-01-22_213322

Alternatively, players can gather energy from other people through the StreetPass training feature in Story Mode.


2013-01-22_205035 2013-01-22_205011

Players will then have the option to unleash the devastating Spirit Bomb on their next battle.


Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission blasts off on February 28th, 2013.

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