Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo: Punches And Platforming



Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo is a 2.5D brawler with some platforming thrown in. Players take control of Goku on his usual quest for the "Legendary Dragon Balls." As predicted, enemies and thugs get in the way and the only way to get rid of them is to beat them into submission.


Revenge of King Piccolo is less about the story and more about beating crap up. The controls may seem easy with only one button to attack, but in order to do combos and crazy-damaging kamehamehas, players will need to learn some combinations such as Up + A. Most normal enemies can simply be defeated by spamming the A button, but bosses and mini-bosses become much easier once a few combos are thrown their way.


Goku can also lock on to special objects like devices that hurl him through the air to gain access to higher platforms and enemy projectiles. The key to defeating one of the earlier bosses lies in being able to catch a bomb and hurl it back at him. This was a nice change of pace from smashing the A button, but after a while, the "lock on" sound the game made started getting annoying.




As with most brawlers, the majority of the game boils down to pressing A a bunch of times. The platforming elements of the game are a great diversion to hoards of enemies, but even those can’t save the game from feeling repetitive after a few hours. The cel-shaded look of Goku and enemies is nice and the colors of the game are certainly bright and in tune with the cartoon, but I couldn’t help feeling bored. Fans of the show may be tempted to pick this up, but they should know that other than boss battles, the game just isn’t that challenging or interesting.

Louise Yang