Dragon Ball Z Frieza Capsule Pod Cushion is Big Enough to Sit In

Dragon Ball Z Frieza Capsule Pod

Bandai Spirits will release a Dragon Ball Z Frieza Capsule Pod cushion. Pre-orders for the cushion are immediately available through the Bandai Spirits official website. It will cost 29,700 yen (roughly $200 dollars). Expected delivery for the item is scheduled sometime in February 2023.  People will have until November 21, 2022 to reserve this item. [Thanks, denfamicogamer!]

Not only is the cushion large enough to sit in, it also features a small transparent pocket to store your mobile phone. This means that folks will be able to watch videos while seated in the capsule pod. It is approximately 95cm x 70cm, which makes it fairly spacious, though not an entirely 1:1 replica of Frieza’s pod from Dragon Ball Z.

You can take a look at the Capsule Pod cushion below.

In July 2022, Bandai Namco announced the production of a San Diego Comic Con (or SDCC) exclusive Dragon Ball Z figures. This the announcements included a Goku and Shenron figure, alongside a Majin Buu and Android 16 figure. The figures will come with several accessories, and in some cases interchangeable parts. These figures were exclusively available to SDCC, and were not made available to obtain outside of the event.

The Dragon Ball Z Frieza Capsule Pod cushion is immediately available for pre-order. It will release sometime in February 2023.

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