Dragon Ball Z GFuel Flavors Announced, Collector’s Box Teased

Dragon Ball Z GFuel Flavors Announced, Collector’s Box Teased

GFuel is working on three Dragon Ball Z varieties for its next anime collaboration. The three powders will each be tied to different characters from the series. These are expected to appear in December 2022. The official announcement also confirmed Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Box options.

Here are the three different Dragon Ball Z GFuel varieties on the way. Each tub will be $35.99 and contain enough powder for 40 servings.

  • Goku’s Kamehameha: strawberry lychee flavor
  • Piccolo and Gohan’s Hidden Power: “citrus freeze” flavor
  • Vegeta’s Saiyan Prince: cantaloupe sorbet flavor

There’s no product page for the Dragon Ball Z Collector’s Box yet. If it follows suit with past ones, that should cost $39.99. GFuel did confirm that includes one tub of the powder and a 24 oz. shaker cup that has Shenron, Goku, and the Dragon Balls on it. There will also be a variant that includes all three flavors.

This isn’t the first GFuel anime crossover. The company offered two for Naruto. One was the more normal Sage Mode, which tasted like pomelo and white peach. The other tasted like miso ramen.

GFuel’s also offered video game-themed drinks before. For example, there are multiple ones for Sonic the Hedgehog. One was even a Sanic Chili Dog variety. A “Maiden’s Blood” Resident Evil Village one appeared too.

The GFuel Dragon Ball Z varieties and collector’s box are expected to ship in December 2022.

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