Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Not Fully Open-World, But Will Have Character-Focused Sub-stories

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Bandai Namco and CyberConnect2 showed off more of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in a livestream, where more info on the game was revealed. 



Here are the highlights:

  • The highlight of Kakarot compared to other previous Dragon Ball games is “the sheer volume of content” the game has, as well as the meticulously recreated main story.


  • CyberConnect2 has used their experience in making cel-shaded games such as the Naruto games and Asura’s Wrath and merged it with Akira Toriyama’s iconic art style. The graphic detail also focuses on the emotional shifts via facial acting and dynamic expressions.


  • The game is not an open-world, as they want to focus on retelling the story. If they made it open-world, it would betray the original work. Each area will be unlocked as players progress in the story. Goku will be able to fly around freely in each large area.


  • The game will follow Goku’s experience in life throughout Dragon Ball Z, and there will be Easter Eggs and appearances from characters from the original Dragon Ball interacting with adult Goku.


  • Regarding whether players will be able to play as other characters when Goku is out of commission due to the story, they are unable to reveal anything, but they do want to affirm that they wanted to stay true to recreating the main story.


  • As for the movies, they once again stated that the game is a recreation of the TV series experience. However, it won’t be just that, and there will be sub-stories that Dragon Ball Z fans can look forward to.


  • The game is focused on letting players experience Goku’s life, which is why you can do things like fish with Goku’s tail, have Goku cook and eat, and why riding the Nimbus cloud is an option despite Goku being able to fly as well. Eating will be a key element in the game.


Dragon Ball Z Kakarot releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2020.

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