Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Shows First Look At Cell Saga, New Character Bonyu By Akira Toriyama

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We recently learned that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will feature the Cell Saga in its entirety, a former-Ginyu Force member named Bonyu, and some filler from the anime. Here’s a first look from a couple V-Jump scans. [Thanks, @DbsHype.]



The Cell Saga parts show that you’ll fight Cell in his Perfect form as a boss after absorbing Androids 17 and 18. In addition to attacks such as Kamehameha and Death Beam, Cell comes at you with all kinds of attacks, including one special attack that’s rather unexpected.



In these parts you’ll play as Teen Gohan from the Cell Saga as well as Future Trunks.



The mysterious warrior Bonyu, an original character by Akira Toriyama, was also shown in the magazine. It confirms that she is indeed a former-Ginyu Force member from the same plant as Jeice and she apparently left because of their poses. In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot we’ll learn more about the untold past of the Ginyu Force.



The driving school filler from the anime will be included as a mini-game that will put your driving skills to test. After obtaining the Air Car, you’ll get to freely drive it around whenever you want.



As for original episodes, we’ll get to see one that involves Android 16, who appears to have a discussion with Gohan. Bulma, Dr. Brief, and others also make an appearance.



What’s actually interesting about this original episode in particular is that it ties into what happened in the main story of Dragon Ball Z. We’ll get a better understanding as to why that scene with Android 16 triggered the Super Saiyan 2 awakening in Gohan during his fight with Cell.


Check out the scans below:



Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot releases in early 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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