Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers To Go Into Beta Period Tomorrow In Japan


db x keepers

Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers, the latest browser game by Bandai Namco, is set to have its beta period from March 14 to March 19. The game will be available on Yahoo! Games. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Bandai Namco also released several videos detailing how to play. The game is a four-on-four game where characters can be swapped out in order to take advantage of the weakness system: Power beats Technique, Technique beats Speed, and Speed beats Power.


The game will also have a gacha with three different rarities of characters: Normal, Strong, and Z. Players can freely customize their team in order to have a balanced team.


Tutorial (Part 1: Adventure)


Tutorial (Part 2: Battle)


Tutorial (Part 3: Characters)


Players can try out the game if they sign up for a Yahoo! Japan account. The game’s full launch date will be announced later on.


Dragon Ball Z: X Keepers will be available for browsers on PC.

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