Monster Hunter, Dragon’s Dogma And Puzzle & Dragons Mingle For A Crossover

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The latest big push for Puzzle & Dragons sees a mega collaboration project between Puzzle & Dragons and two other popular smartphone apps—Dragon’s Dogma Quest and Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar. As part of the collaboration, Puzzle & Dragons will see crossover dungeons to capture new monsters, while both Dragon’s Dogma Quest and Monster Hunter Felyne Island Bazaar will spot visits from P&D’s King Metal Dragon and other creatures.


Puzzle & Dragons x Dragon’s Dogma Quest 

Puzzle & Dragons players will discover a new island suspiciously shaped like the Metal Dragon for them to explore, filed with dungeons chock full of DDQ’s slightly more realistic monsters to fight and capture, including fire dragons, skeletons and lizardmen. Bigger names include DDQ’s Hera and Vampire Lords.



On the flip side, Dragon’s Dogma Quest players will fight through maps filled with Metal Dragon babies and other Puzzle & Dragons creatures. Clearing the full dungeon will unlock a unique new job class that will allow DQD players to control the monsters they capture in the dungeon; although what the class’s name is or what else it can bring to the table has not been revealed yet.


Dragon’s Dogma Quest plays more like a traditional turn-based battle until encountering enemies and looks something like this:




Here’s some amazing artwork to showcase the crossover project between them:




Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar x Puzzle & Dragons


Puzzle & Dragon fans will also be able to recruit the help of Monster Hunter Felyne Bazaar’s legendary Rathalos and Jaggi! Well, not quite. It’s just Felynes dressed up in armour based on the two monsters. They will most likely be obtainable through dungeon delving and capture, though details on them are scant.



Similarly, Monster Hunter players will have visitors to their island bazaar such as Puzzle & Dragon’s King Metal Dragon and elemental slimes stocking up on whatever it is monsters stock up on (Treasure?).



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