Dragon Dating Simulator Returns With A New Name, New Art


You may remember a year ago that there was an Indiegogo campaign for Dragon Dating Simulator. Its creators failed to get the money they were after. But now they’re trying again.


This time around the game has original art, new characters, and a new name. Yep, it’s now called Angels with Scaly Wings. The story is still pretty much the same, though.

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You play as one of the few people selected to act as an ambassador for humans when venturing into a world populated by dragons after a portal to it opens up. You need only to learn more about this foreign place, but will also partake in uncovering a conspiracy, and may also find love.


Angels with Scaly Wings will have five chapters, 11 endings, four love interests (two male, two female), and shorter one-of romances with secondary characters.

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Its creators are looking for €4,000 on Indiegogo to develop the game to completion. There’s a demo you can download using the links on the Indiegogo page. Plus, you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman