Have Some Dragon Fin Soup, With A Dash Of Roguelike And Red Riding Hood

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There is no dearth of roguelike RPGs—the sort where every step or action a player does is reflected in one simultaneous turn for everything/one else on the map—available. But there aren’t that many which go digging in the fairy tale worlds of, oh say the Little Red Riding Hood and then muck it up.


New indie devs Grimm Bros are launching Dragon Fin Soup, a title that they claim “combines classic Japanese RPGs with roguelike mechanics” and hope to have Steam Greenlit.



Players are Red Robin, whose bloody past comes back to deal with unfinished business. Like many roguelikes, the game throws in a number of features to spice things up, such as a noise meter that affects whether keen-eared monsters will hear you and investigate, the ability to sneak up and backstab the living bejeezus out of an unfortunate orc, and having everyone take a turn to move or complete an action with every press of a button.




Dragon Fin Soup is a full high resolution 2D world, and the developers say there’s a full day/night cycle which will affect how missions and quests play out. That’s always a neat feature. Players can opt to use a mouse, keyboard or game pad (Yes!) while exploring the lands of Asura both overland and in dungeons with a couple of guns. Asura, by the by, is a gigantic dragon-turtle god who swims the multiverse of space-time. He/She/It may or may not be a relative of the Great A’Tuin, although this won’t be the only nod to popular geek culture for astute players so it seems.


DFS-14 DFS-09

If you get bored, there are also other fun kitchen sink things to do such as fishing (with a full mini-game), mining, digging and crafting.


Dragon Fin Soup is on Steam Greenlight.

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