Dragon Nest Gets Dark Avenger Class And A Christmas Dungeon

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Publisher Shanda Games has rolled out the new Dark Avenger class in Dragon Nest. They can only be created until January 6th but you will still be able to play the Dark Avenger after that date so long as you have created them. If you have a character at Level 70 or above you’ll be able to create a Dark Avenger at Level 60, otherwise they’ll have to be Level 1.


The Dragon Fellowship Season 3 has been renewed too. You can team up up with another player and head into the depths of the Mobius where you’ll face the Volcano Nest’s Divine Croc Kranos or maybe the Black Dragon itself. Oh, and the rewards you’ll get can be powerful skill heraldries this time around.


Finally, Shanda Games has updated Dragon Nest with Christmas festivities. The Santa Orc has returned and stolen everyone’s presents and so you can quell him in the Christmas dungeon Santa Orc’s Escape. For beating it you’ll get to loot Santa Orc’s Hidden Treasure Box.

dragon nest christmas

It’s also worth visiting your town every early evening as the advent calendar will see a surprise dropped into your Secret Storages every day – it “could be anything ranging from fireworks to perhaps even Wings, a lady beard or a Christmas Alpaca mount”.


Plus, daily login events and daily missions let you collect Christmas tokens that can be traded for Christmas pets, mounts, and more.

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