Dragon Nest Gets New Abyss Dungeons, PvP Mode, And Loads More In Halloween Update

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Dragon Nest Europe has got all spooky for Halloween. All of Althea’s major towns are now haunted by the dead, dressed up with pumpkins, and have eerie candles and gruesome trees scattered around them.


There are also now “Spooky Halloween Boxes” to unlock by one of two different ways (all of which is detailed here). Either, you can consecutively log-in and withstand two hours inside this terrifying virtual place. Or you can try to decode secret ghost messages. Collecting these Spooky Boxes as well as Ghost Coins lets you obtain skeleton pets, cursed spirits, and pumpkin mounts from the undead pumpkin count’s shop.


There’s also a new PvP mode to be found in the Ghoul Kingdom. Up to 16 players of any level can compete with each other to steal the Ghoul King’s crown and become the new King of the Ghouls. There are also PvP Medals, Tokens of Cooperation, and Surprise Gift Pouches up for grabs.


Finally, this Halloween update brings with it three new abyss dungeons at the far end of the Elven area Anu Arendel. Inside, through the memories of King Feather, you’ll discover how the Black Dragon became the Red Dragon.


With this knowledge, as well as new Talisman Essences, you can face finally end the crimson terror itself with five to eight heroes in his sanctuary, the Red Dragon Nest, located in the Garden of Time and Space. Victory there will grant you the chance to forge a unique grade flaming red armour and weapon set from his scales.

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