Dragon Nest’s New Lancer Class Sweeps Her Enemies Off Their Feet


Actoz Soft Europe has revealed a new Lancer class for the free-to-play action MMORPG Dragon Nest.


She uses a far-reaching lance as a weapon combined with an acrobatic combat style to bring a flamboyant and refreshing change to the game’s typical melee fighting.  The idea when using the Lancer class is to keep enemies at a distance, sweeping them off their feet if necessary, but if they do get close then you can make use of her bracelets to deflect blows.


The Lancer class is available in the latest update to the European version of Dragon Nest. It also adds a steamy summer event area, the Hot Springs, and a  classical tournament mode for the PvP Colosseum.


You can download the update directly right here.

Chris Priestman