Dragon Quest Builders 2 Screenshots Show Off Improvements From The First Game

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Square Enix previously shared info on some of the improvements and additions that are being made for Dragon Quest Builders 2, and we got a closer look with new screenshots from its official website.




In Dragon Quest Builder 2’s setting of Empty Island, the protagonist follows a mysterious voice that leads him/her to a mysterious monument located on the top of a mountain. This mysterious voice says only those who can find the pillars scattered around the island and clear their trials can become the “Master Builder.”




These pillars are located everywhere on the island and they’ll be one of the main objectives for the game.


As for the evolved elements in the game, there are several new additions and improvements made for Dragon Quest Builders 2. Here are some examples:



You can make towers that reach the heavens with up to 100 floors.



You can have great waterfalls that flow down cliffs in high areas.



You can swim underwater.


You can use a “Wind Mantle” to glide off high areas.



Travel in high speed by dashing.



Make new designs by cutting blocks diagonally.



Play in first-person perspective.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check our previous report for more info on the bad guys you’ll be fighting and how the game is actually connected to Dragon Quest II.

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