Dragon Quest Builders Is A Lot Like Minecraft But Has Plenty Of Its Own Charm

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Dragon Quest Builders might look a lot like Minecraft or Terraria, but the game has plenty of its own Dragon Quest charm. Square Enix demonstrated what it’s like during their stage event at Tokyo Game Show 2015.



  • The goal of Dragon Quest Builders is to recapture and revive Alefgard that has been taken over by the Dragonlord.



  • You can get material by simply attacking the ground or branches.



  • Defeating a Slime will score you a “Blue Oil” drop.



  • You can then combine the Blue oil and a “Thick Branch” to make a “Torch.”


  • Similar to Minecraft or Terraria, there’s a hunter meter as well as an HP meter. When your hunter meter empties out, it’ll start chipping away from your health.



  • By making a building that is at least two blocks tall, adding a door and torch to it will make it into a “house.”



  • By meeting certain requirements, the name of your house changes. For example, placing a Straw Bed in an empty room makes it into a “Bedroom with Straw Bed.”



  • Once you expand into a base, you’ll have residents appear. Having residents around will be very useful, as they’ll do things like make items for you on the workbench.



  • You can use a bird’s-eye view to get a look at your surroundings.


  • It get pretty dark at night, so you’ll need a torch or some sort of light source. This is currently still under development.


  • Sleeping in a bed will automatically change the time to morning, and it’ll also recover your HP.



  • You can build a waterway to your base, which will come in handy for growing crops on a field.



  • Chimaeras drop items called “Chimaera Feathers,” which can be crafted into “Chimaera Wing” (or Warpwing) items.



  • While exploring, you’ll find random NPCs living in their own homes. You’ll get to interact with them, and have them move into your base or town.
  • The maps are said to be pretty huge.
  • You can equip multiple weapons at once, and simple rotate through them accordingly to your situation.



  • Weapons also have their own characteristics. For example, the “Wooden Hammer” can destroy rocks.



  • Building a house will score you some points. Once you get enough points, your base will level up, and you’ll get to build even more things.



  • You can stack blocks to make buildings in higher areas. The demonstration showed the player making an inn high above the ground.



  • However, keep in mind that falling from high areas can result in death. Whenever your character dies, it’ll penalize you by making you drop some of your items. You can always go back to the spot to pick them up again.


You can check out some more Dragon Quest Builders in action from Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 stage demo video below:


Dragon Quest Builders will release in Japan on January 28, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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