Dragon Quest Creator Says Several Games In Development For 30th Anniversary



Dragon Quest series creator Yuji Horii has teased a few tidbits on the development of Dragon Quest XI on several occasions, but going by his New Year’s message on the Dragon Quest X website, it seems likely that we’ll get an announcement sometime next year.


Here’s what was stated on the message:


Happy New Year’s to you all. This year is actually the 30th anniversary-eve for the Dragon Quest series.


In February, we’ll have Dragon Quest Heroes, and we’ll release Theatrhythm Dragon Quest in March. Other than that, we haven’t announced anything else, but we’re jostling through a great deal projects as we head towards the 30th anniversary.


As for Dragon Quest X, we’ll release Version 3 this spring. I believe that it’s a good time for all of you, along with our staff, to look forward to what’s coming.


Life is a role playing game.

Thank you for your continued support of the Dragon Quest series!

Yuji Horii (January 2015)


Now, Horii doesn’t mention anything about Dragon Quest XI, but let’s rewind about nine years back. In 2006, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest IX for their 20th anniversary, followed by Dragon Quest X in 2011—so going by their recent trend of announcing main-numbered titles on milestone anniversary years, it seems likely that we’ll get an official announcement for Dragon Quest XI sometime next year.


Horii also mentioned that Dragon Quest XI is being developed simultaneously with Dragon Quest Heroes, which releases next month. He also said that the game is in development for home consoles.

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