Dragon Quest Heroes’ Free DLC Turns A Boss Into A Playable Character

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Now that Square Enix announced Dragon Quest Heroes for the West, more fans can look forward to playing as some of their favorite heroes from the series to take on thousands of monsters in Warriors-like fashion. Famitsu shares details on the game’s first batch of DLCs.


The following DLC will all be free, and they add extra sub-scenarios along with playable character(s) and new fights. Here’s what they contain:


Arena Battle + Sub-Story: Alena and Kiryl


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Upon clearing the Arena Battle from the DLC, it’ll unlock Alena’s original costume from Dragon Quest IV. The sub-story will also unlock costumes of different colors for Alena and Kiryl as well. The DLC will release on March 5th in Japan.


Demon Fencer Battle + Sub-Story: Jessica and Yangus

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By clearing the Demon Fencer Battle, you’ll unlock Psaro as a playable character. You can also unlock alternate colors for Jessica and Yangus’ costumes by clearing the sub-scenario. This DLC releases in Japan on March 12.


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While the next three DLCs don’t have any details, their titles are “God of Destruction and Massacre Battle + Sub-Story: Terry” as the third, “Greatest Demon Beast’s Battle + Sub-Story: Bianca and Nera” for the fourth, and “Great Demon Lord Battle + Sub-Story: Maya” as the fifth.


The report doesn’t specify whether Zoma, Nokturnus, or Bjorn the Behemoose will be added as playable characters as well, but more details along with the release dates for the DLCs will be revealed on a later date.


Dragon Quest Heroes is currently available in Japan, and will release sometime this year in the West for PlayStation 4.

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