Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest Heroes I & II Footage Shows Newcomer Ragnar McRyan And New Boss Fight



Square Enix hosted a special pre-release live stream for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II, where they showcased the latest on the bundle and how it runs on the Nintendo Switch.


Dragon Quest Heroes I & II features both games in their entirety. It brings in Ragnar McRyan as a newly playable character, a new boss fight, more voicing for the action parts, touch screen functions, as well as some adjustments in difficulty as well as improved controls and more.


Head to the 33:00 and 55:55 marks the video to watch some gameplay, where we can see Ragnar in action. We can also check out the new boss fight against Malroth at the 1:08:50 mark.


Dragon Quest Heroes I & II for Nintendo Switch launches in Japan on March 3, 2017.

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