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Dragon Quest Heroes II Will Have Giant Monster Vs. Giant Monster Action



    The first Dragon Quest Heroes had giant monsters but Dragon Quest Heroes II will take it to the next level by letting you play as one in a giant monster vs. giant monster battle. [Thanks, @Kazu4281.]


    This week’s issue of Jump magazine shows two giant monsters fighting each other, with a Drakulard going up against the giant orange cyclops, Atlas. It looks like the player will get to control Atlas to fight, and since there isn’t a timer of any sort, it will be different from the regular Monster Coin transformation.


    The bottom of the page also shows the four major bosses of Duran, Myushado, Hell Kaizer, and Pruslas.


    Dragon Quest Heroes II will release in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

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