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Dragon Quest Heroes Screenshots Shows More From Terry And Maya



Dragon Quest Heroes features various characters from the series, and the latest screenshots shown by 4Gamer features of the fan-favorites in Dragon Quest VI’s Terry and Maya from Dragon Quest IV.


dragon-quest-heroes_150219-1 dragon-quest-heroes_150219-3


The Dancer Maya uses her fans as weapon which she can use to spread out golden feathers as part of a dance routine attack. Maya isn’t only about dancing with fans, as she also specializes in fire spells for attacks.


dragon-quest-heroes_150219-5 dragon-quest-heroes_150219-6


She can heat things up even further by using her special attack, Puff! (also known as BeDragon) to transform into a dragon to shoot enemies down with scorching fire breath attacks.



dragon-quest-heroes_150219-2 dragon-quest-heroes_150219-8

Next up, we have Terry from Dragon Quest VI who was known for being a solo-swordsman looking for the legendary sword as a goal to become the strongest out there. He’s affiliated with electric-based attacks.



Terry’s electric spells are just a bonus to his offensive repertoire, as he’s also known for his excellent swordsmanship. The above screens show him using the Falcon Slash, an attack that hits twice for 0.75% attack power.


dragon-quest-heroes_150219-11 dragon-quest-heroes_150219-12


However, his trademark move is the Lightning Storm ability, which is often one of the more stronger attacks throughout the Dragon Quest series, and it looks like it’ll be as powerful as ever in Dragon Quest Heroes.


Dragon Quest Heroes will release in Japan on February 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You can check out more from the game’s latest trailer in our earlier report.

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