Dragon Quest Heroes Will Have Its DLC Episodes On-Disc For The West

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Japan got a bunch of DLC episodes for Dragon Quest Heroes after its release, and Square Enix announced that the West will get them as well, but they’ll be on-disc, and will be unlockable in the game.


Here’s a look at some of the extra episodes that will be unlockable in the game:



Upon completing Alena’s episode, you’ll get to unlock her original Dragon Quest IV costume.


Alena’s episode brings her into a competition for the Colissea Cup. Completing the quest will get you alternate arranged costumes for both the tomboy Tsarevna and her loyal friend, Kiryl and rare accessories!


Dragon Quest Heroes’ DLC episodes will become available once you’ve completed the main story up to a certain point, and by meeting a few conditions. Most of them will be available to play after beating the king hydra, so you might want to keep an eye out for some letters to arrive at the post office.

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Bjørn the Behemoose is one of the largest bosses in the series. He first appeared in Dragon Quest V as a terrible evil that Nera’s family sealed away.



You’ll get unique stories and battles for Alena and Kiryl, Maya, Terry, Bianca and Nera, Terry, and Yangus and Jessica! Many of these quests and battles are going to be a blast of nostalgia for you guys. There will also be some tough bosses from the series, including some of its super bosses.


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Psaro the Manslayer is one of the bosses you’ll encounter in Dragon Quest Heroes. He has a transformation, and he’s also the only character that can equip greatswords.


Dragon Quest Heroes will release in North America on October 13 and in Europe on October 16, 2015 for PlayStation 4.

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