Dragon Quest Heroes III’s Existence May Have Been Hinted By Koei Tecmo Director



Koei Tecmo director Tomohiko Sho, who worked as the director of Dragon Quest Heroes and Dragon Quest Heroes II, may have slipped a little something hinting at a possible Dragon Quest Heroes III’s existence. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


Here’s what was mentioned during the PlayStation Awards 2016 where the following was mentioned:


Tomohiko Sho: I believe that we were able to achieve this result because the developers as well as the players had fun in its development. (While looking at Square Enix producer Ryota Aomi) For the next time… er, I just said “next time” by accident, but maybe I shouldn’t say more.


Ryota Aomi: What’s with the significant-sounding line you were about to finish saying?


Afterwards, comic duo Slim Club’s Ken Maeda said that if there is indeed a Dragon Quest Heroes III, he’d like to do the voicing for Onikonbou (Balzack-like monster) but was told “Well, it could happen. It’s possible. Since the monsters all have proper voicing.”

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