Dragon Quest Island Amusement Park Decorates for Winter and Christmas

Dragon Quest Island Winter Christmas

Hyogo prefecture’s Dragon Quest Island amusement park attraction is dressed up for the season. According to an announcement released via the locale’s official Twitter account, the area now sports winter-themed decor to suit the time of year. They’re calling the limited-time attraction the “Winter of Onokogard.” The decor and themed attractions include a giant Christmas Santa Slime and other festive Dragon Quest monsters, will run through January 9, 2023. The Christmas decor will come down a little bit earlier, though, with a scheduled close-out on December 25, 2022.

Opened in 2021Dragon Quest Island is a part of the “Nijigen no Mori” (“2D Forest”) portion of Hyogo’s Awaji Island Park. It’s designed to give visitors the experience of stepping into a world pulled straight from the RPG. When they visit, they’ll step through the castle gates, into the town of Onokogard. Onokogard is designed to look like the fantasy-medieval type of town reminiscent of the game, and is named after the mythical Japanese Onogoro Island (Awaji Island was once thought of as the “historical” Onogoro). Once inside, players can go on quests, fight monsters using a special “adventure card”, and eat. Certain grades of ticket include exclusive items, like a backpack designed to look like a Dragon Quest shield.

Besides Dragon Quest Island, the Nijigen no Mori boasts various attractions based on anime and pop culture. These include a replica of Naruto‘s Hokage Rock and parts of Konoha village (including Naruto’s favorite restaurant, Ramen Ichiraku), and a zipline through Godzilla’s mouth.

The Dragon Quest Island “Winter of Onokogard” winter and Christmas promotion lasts through January 9, 2023.

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