Nintendo 3DS

Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Features Over 500 Different Kinds Of Monsters



Square Enix revealed the latest on Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 for Nintendo 3DS in this week’s issue of Jump magazine. [Thanks, @Kazu4281.]


The protagonist of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 is a young man who lost his memories. He has obtained an unknown multipurpose device called the “Reactor,” and he’ll go on a journey to retrieve his memories.


The Reactor has all kinds of different functions, including the ability to analyze monsters. That kind of sounds a little bit more on the high-tech side, but it’ll make sense as there is said to be some cities with near-future appearances.


There are more than 500 monsters that will appear in the game, and it’ll be possible for you to ride on all of them. This will work for traveling on land, in mid-air, and even riding on water. There will be some places that you can only reach by riding on monsters.


As far as competitive multiplayer fights go, they will be there, including some kinds of fights that we’ve yet to see, and will probably hear more about it in the near future.


Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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