Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 Shows More Of Its World And Reactor Features

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Square Enix recently shared details on the world of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker along with some information on the protagonist’s “Reactor” device. Famitsu follows up with some of the latest screenshots and details on the game.


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The above images give us a good look at some of the areas in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, which range from castles and dungeons, to icy zones and futuristic cities. You don’t see too many humans in the cities, and they say that humans are actually quite rare to see in “Break World.”



The map on the bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS indicates in red where you’ll need to go while in towns and out in the fields.


In Break World you won’t be able to notice everything around you by simply walking and looking, so that’s where you’ll need to use the Reactor device or ride monsters.



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The Reactor device can help you find data on monsters and it can also find hidden treasure chests and other objects you normally can’t see. As shown in the above screenshot, there will be an indication when the Reactor is responding to something, which usually means that there’s a hidden object nearby.


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Treasure chests aren’t the only thing you’ll find with the Reactor, as it can also reveal invisible bridges, and more.



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The “Ride” feature will also come in handy in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3, as you’ll use it to reach areas you normally can’t on foot. The Rides come in three varieties of land, sea, and sky, and the monsters will be able to provide you with help for any of the three types of travel.



As you advance through the story, the Rides also evolve, making it possible to perform new actions. For example, certain Rides will gain the ability to do extra jumps to reach areas you weren’t able to before.



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With over 500 monsters in the game, you’ll get to use Ride with countless monsters, and they all have their unique looks for the feature, as shown in the above images.


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You’ll also get to attack monsters while riding, which leads to monsters being knocked out or stunned for a short while, giving you a nice advantage before starting the fight.


Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 is in development for Nintendo 3DS.

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