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Dragon Quest Treasures Has No Multiplayer, But Offers Online Treasure Hunts

Dragon Quest Treasures Has No Multiplayer, But Offers Online Treasure Hunts

There’s no traditional multiplayer in Dragon Quest Treasures. However, there is a way to interact with others, in a way. Square Enix’s latest announcement about the game goes over The Gang Network. This is a feature that allows you to interact with other players by sharing Treasure Hunts and Treasure Tours in Dragon Quest Treasures. Both require Nintendo Switch Online.

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Here’s how the Dragon Quest Treasures The Gang Network and its asynchronous multiplayer works. When you check in with the NPC AL4N at your hub, you can access both online options. With a Treasure Hunt, you can hide treasure, seek treasure, set up the randomiser, and check your hidden treasures. When you hide a treasure, you pick a location and spot on in Draconia for others to download and seek. When found, it makes your treasure more valuable based on the number of downloads. When you or someone else finds a treasure this way, you’ll find a replica of the actual item. This can be sold at a shop like B. Rix’s Emporium for money.

The Treasure Tour is basically a way to show off your monsters and treasures to other Dragon Quest Treasures players without traditional multiplayer. There are two options. You can manage monsters or welcome monsters. You choose which monster and treasure for the management section and can send it out. With the welcome section, you can see others’ monsters or enter specific Gang ID and secret passwords from friends to get their character. Again, these actions can raise the value of your treasure if the person who sees it “likes” it. Also, when you see a visiting monster and its treasure with a Treasure Tour, you get a replica of the item you can sell.

Dragon Quest Treasures will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

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