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Why Both Dragon Quest V Brides, Bianca And Nera, Are In Dragon Quest Heroes


Square Enix revealed the latest trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes, where we got to see a bunch of the series’ characters in action, but some fans wondered how both Bianca and Nera are both in the game. Chief producer Ryutaro Ichimura shared an explanation on Twitter.

To get you up to speed on what fans were confused about, in Dragon Quest V, you can pick either Bianca or Nera to be the protagonist’s wife and permanent party member (along with Debora for the DS version).

However, once you make your pick, the other girls just become regular NPCs and don’t actively join in on any of the action, while living a normal life. You can still talk to them, but they no longer play key roles in the story.

Some fans felt that it was a bit odd, so Ichimura explained “As for the two girls, they actually go into the world of Dragon Quest Heroes right on the day before the day of fate [when the protagonist makes the choice]. So, you’ll also get to see them confront each other!”

Bianca’s profile on the official website has her quoting “I must hurry and find father and my fiancé!” so it seems like she’s looking for the protagonist somewhere in the world of Dragon Quest Heroes.

That said, it should be pretty entertaining for fans to see how Bianca and Nera interact amongst each other. If Square Enix add more characters via DLC, it’d make things even more interesting if they decide to add the bossy ice queen Debora, later on.

Dragon Quest Heroes is slated for release in Japan on February 26, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Check out our earlier report for the game’s latest trailer and details.

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