Dragon Quest VII Records Your Progress And Reminds You Where To Go

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Aside from its revamped looks, Dragon Quest VII will be adding new features for smoother game play on the 3DS remake. They’ve also announced some new monsters from Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland and Dragon Quest X, to be part of the mix!


Dragon Quest VII is indeed one of the longest games, scenario-wise, out of the Dragon Quest franchise. Completing everything in the original PsOne version can easily take over 100 hours. Now that it’s going to be seeing additional content for the Nintendo 3DS remake, things could get pretty messy if you lose track of what’s going on.




This is where the new feature known as the “Battle Experiences” comes into play. By helping players keep track of the story along with several achievements throughout the game, you’ll be able to look back at what you’ve accomplished and what’s ahead.


The first option is the “Latest Adventures”. It tracks the latest event you’re participating in and it will occasionally tell you where you need to go, if you find yourself stuck at a point.


Then is the “Next Stone Shard” option. Dragon Quest VII is all about collecting Stone Shards to advance in the story. It keeps a record of the last clue you’ve heard regarding the location of the next Stone Shard. With all the adventuring you’ll be doing, little clues can easily go forgotten. Using this feature, you’ll always have a way to take a look at those important hints, so you won’t be required to travel all the way back to a previous area for any clues.


It can be pretty devastating to stop playing any RPG and forgetting the current plot, leaving you clueless when you pick it up again. Sometimes the player might even start the game over due to that very reason. Fear not! With the “Past Adventures” option, you can take a look back at all the important parts of the story that you’ve been through. Finally, there are two list options, where you can take a look at all the Stone Shards you’ve collected and a list of abilities learned.


Dragon Quest VII will feature many unique monsters, along with reappearances of older ones. You might remember some of these monsters from previous games of the series!




This strangely cute monster is known as Nasubinara.It has made several appearances in Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, Dragon Quest: Terry’s Wonderland and the numbered titles of VI, VII and X. Nasubinara has the appearance of an eggplant with tentacles used to attack their enemies. It will be one of the first monsters appearing in the game, along with the traditional Slimes.


Big Moai


The Big Moai is a stone headed monster with the appearance of a stone giant, also called a Moai. It uses its giant body to smash its opponents. Big Moai is an original monster from Dragon Quest X.




The demonic penguin, CragDevil, returns in the remake. Its belly actually looks like a demon, thus the name CragDevil. It’s been around since the original Dragon Quest VII and more recently seen dancing around in Dragon Quest Monsters 2 and Dragon Quest X. Its specialty moves are Swoosh and Call for help.


Dragon Quest VII comes out today for Nintendo 3DS.

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