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Dragon Quest VII’s 3DS Remake Has Visible Encounters Instead Of Random Battles



Some of us may remember the random encounters that have lasted a while in the earlier Enix Dragon Quest (aka Dragon Warrior) days. Ever since the merger with Squaresoft, they’ve stuck to visible encounters, which started with Dragon Quest IX: Sentinel of the Starry Skies. They’ve decided to go with that system for the upcoming Dragon Quest VII 3DS remake.


The original version of Dragon Quest VII was the last of the series to utilize the random encounter system. Their decision to stay away from the traditional approach definitely adds to the remake touch, as it looks more visually pleasing and players have more of a say on their adventuring decisions. For example, players can avoid monsters if they feel under-leveled, or if they can aim for certain monsters when they’re out for specific kills.


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The remake of Dragon Quest VII will feature unique enemy actions, where every type of monster will have their own attacks and characteristics. They’ve also revamped the battle scene backgrounds, to go with the revised fighting animation.


New Monsters

Hell Baom

Hell Baom - This Ochu (Malboro)-esque monster has been terrorizing a town for a while. It uses its thorny tentacle vines to destroy its surroundings.


Time Master

Time Master - A manipulator of time who fights alongside his underling "Makimaki". He’ll have the ability to rewind the fight! Sounds like it could be a very tedious encounter.



Barikunaja – Powerful Minotaur monster. He uses his big body and strength to deal heavy damage to all his opponents.


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